Land of Trance

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Added: July 05, 2011
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Timelock - Redline (2013)

Artist: TimelockTitle: RedlineYear Of Release: 20/08/2013Label: Iboga TranceGenre: Progressive Total Size: 142 MbBuy Links: Psyshop, BeatPortArtist's web: Facebook Behind Timelock stands Felix Nagorsky. A part of the psychedelic trance scene for ove

Ridden - Journey To Enlightenment (2013)

Artist: RiddenTitle: Journey To EnlightenmentYear Of Release: 04/2013Label: Harmonia RecordsGenre: Psy TranceTotal Size: 125 MbBuy Links: Psyshop, BeatPortArtist's web: Facebook The journey of enlightenment, if you want to put it in a simplified for

Noktamid - Carpe Diem / Carpe Noktem (2013)

Artist: NoktamidTitle: Carpe Diem / Carpe NoktemYear Of Release: 08/08/2013Label: Audioalchemists RecordsGenre: Progressive Total Size: 122Mb MbBuy Links: Psyshop, BeatPortArtist's web: Facebook Audioalchemists Records is very proud to present Nokta

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