Kriya Yoga, God and Love

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Added: November 07, 2012
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First learn how to be healed then start to heal others

* help yourself before helping others * heal yourself before healing others * free yourself before freeing others ? Before you can be of reasonable spiritual help for others you first need to achieve spiritual healing within yourself. ? Before

Critical time for everything in your life

? Everything in your life has a critical time or time frame. If you exceed your critical time you may have wasted a full lifetime or MORE. ? To understand the meaning of critical time, look at gardening: * If you plant tomatoe seeds too early i

Delayed spiritual lessons are wasted gifts of love

? If you received a spiritual lesson many years ago, it was because you actually NEEDED that lesson exactly when you received it - then many years ago = for YOU to stay OUT of your self created troubles waiting to happen. ? GodÂ’s creation is

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