Kriya Yoga, God and Love

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Added: November 07, 2012
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Christianity and the Cross - Value and Meaning of Religious Symbols

? Christianity is about God and Love or about Jesus teachings of love, NEVER about the Cross or other religious symbols. Other religions may have their own purpose and ultimate goals. No matter what your religion. Your .spiritual progress never can

Maha Samadhi never is to escape this world but to join God's world of love

? Maha Samadhi never is to escape this world, but join God’s world of love and accept ev en greater responsibilities. Hence first complete all your worldly duties and spiritual lessons, then proceed when qualified and all lessons of love succ

Marriage and Maha Samadhi

? It should be obvious that married persons or persons with an entire family striving for Maha Samadhi NEED to SURRENDER spouse and/or family TO God FIRST to emotionally dissolve any attachment in God’s love.If properly done, God shall arrang

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