Kriya Yoga, God and Love

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Added: November 07, 2012
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How to Optimize Your Spiritual Efforts

? To optimize your spiritual efforts and progress / success, follow below 2 steps. Support all those who support you on your spiritual path. Withdraw support from those who distract you from your spiritual goal. ? A.s you notice in above 2 steps,

Beyond The Sky is God's World of Love

? Ever thought or questioned about God’s creation? On a clear night, look up at the stars and beyond. Hidden beyond invisible worlds is God’s world of love. A world of infinite beauty and absolute love, trustworthiness and loyalty for G

Enjoy Life or Help Others

? If your desire to enjoy life larger than your desire to help others greater,then you fail on your path of love to God. ? Only the most selfish ones can enjoy life while others keep working / helping or are suffering.

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