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Added: August 10, 2010
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10 New YearÂ’s Resolutions For Doctors And Patients

#1 Doctor: Resolve to let patients speak without interruption and describe their symptoms. Patient: Resolve to focus on the problem I am seeing the doctor about and not come with a list of 10 complaints for a 15-minute office visit. #2 Doctor: Resolv

Your Hydration Needs Monitored By An Intelligent Water Bottle

Imagine a water bottle that knows how hard and how far you are running, how much you’re drinking, what’s the outside temperature, and, based on all these variables, the device calculates when you need to have a drink. Cambridge Consultant

The Key To Killing Common Warts: Patience

Ia??m sure I dona??t see as many patients with common skin warts as my family practice or dermatology colleagues, but these patients still make it to my office.?? Sometimes ita??s the primary complaint, sometimes ita??s an afterthought.?? In reviewin

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