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Added: September 26, 2012
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The GoPro Hero 4 is Here and it's Ad is Insane.

Not only did the 3plus come out recently (Thank goodness I didn't buy it) because now the 4 has been released. It is no wonder why the stock price continues to rise. Now at $87 more than double its opening value. But what is great is the ad. I mean i

Top 100, Don't Just Google and Goodbyes

To start it all off a lekker little bit of news is that I made the Top 100 in the Big Blogger Exchange. Whoooooo. It is really exciting stuff. Let's hope that I have some luck on my side.Back to it all. So this weekend saw something a little differen

Sirens, Air Raids and Panic

Working in South Korea, is a constant adventure. I mean when I first decided to come here, the first reaction from most people was.....but why do you want to live where Kim Jong is in charge. I smiled and replied, well first off, that is not his name

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