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Irfan Malik's Blog
Added: December 09, 2010
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World Book Night is here

So what exactly is World Book Night. Well…It’s when a million (actual 960K) books are published and 20,000 volunteers give out books to people who wouldn’t be classified as book readers. Volunteers can chose a title from a selection of books av

2011 – Now What?

OK it’s 2011 and it’s been 2011 for some time now (just over a week). So what now? Are we going to treat this year as any other? Are New Year’s Resolutions going to fizzle away by the end of the month? Well they do for many, that

Don’t Forget – Search is a ‘Loss Leader’

With Google getting more advanced and diversifying into random markets (automobiles cough) you can be forgiven for thinking that whatever Google touches turns to gold. It may well be the case in many instances. However, what do you think about good o

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