Innovation Point of View

Innovation Point of View

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Innovation Point of View
Added: February 10, 2011
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Cheetos & Doritos: Simplistic Line Extension or Synergistic Innovation

A new addition to store shelves this month is a new snack mix from Frito-Lay containing two “playfully bold” fan favorites:  Cheetos Flamin’ Hot and Doritos Dinamita Chile Limon. It…read more →The post Cheetos & Doritos: Simplistic

Eureka! (Maybe) — A Webinar About Evaluating Breakthrough Innovation

Marketplace analysis has consistently shown that successful companies generate the majority of their innovation returns from “breakthrough” activity. Creating a balanced innovation portfolio (with the requisite proportion of breakthrough introduc

The Role of Mobile in the Age of “Here and Now”

Accelerated Technology We live in a “here and now” society. Words like “fast,” “convenient,” and “mobile” buzz through advertisements and try to capture the attention of consumers. This “faster” trend…read more →The po

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