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Image-seo - video-seo - tagSeoBlog
Added: January 13, 2011
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Google images search ranking factors 2014 (infographic)

My infographic about the ranking factors for Google images search (2012) is old so I made a new one. This time I tried to make it more simple that those who have no idea about optimizing images for Google could also get an impression. What is really

Google image search history (infographic)

The Google Image Search is the largest collection of images ever. And it is free and public. Google has changed the world, even if most people didn’t noticed it anymore. Does anyone remember the time before that? If you searched for a picture y

Halloween witch doodle 2013

Halloween Witch 2013 – a usual Google celebrates it with a nice interactive doddle. Start the doodle an help the witch and combine the ingredients. By throwing two a new stage opens where you could have some Halloween fun. Together there are 6

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