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Added: August 22, 2011
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The ring and I; a tragic love story albeit a short-lived one with an uncertain ending

It is a warm cosy night and somewhere far away I can hear a cricket and a woodpecker composing a happy symphony. Lets try that again. It is an undeniably boring night and mother nature could not decide whether to have a cold or a warm night, which in

Weather-ful small talk

Small talk is not my forte, or any talk even. I take pride in sitting and listening and observing. I can also write on some occasions. Which is just another way of saying, by the time a thought casually creeps in my head and starts to form itself int

The story of Mai-Kolachi

I recently had to write a story in 200 words and I wrote this.. granted, in a hurry but later on, I kind of liked what I wrote.  Once upon a time, at this place where I stand right now, solid ground, I would row my boat down the Arabian Sea, humming

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