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FUCK REPETITION. (Why repetition sucks)

Repetition is the mother of skills. It really is. And yet, sometimes I hate it. The only key I've found to become really good at something without getting fuckin' bored, is to DIFFERENTIATE the actions that I repeat. Which means putting them on rotat

Rhythm Guitar vs Lead Guitar

Rhythm Guitar always preceeds lead guitar. It is a common issue for beginners to focus on lead guitar without knowing how to strum.Yep, some people can play a bit of a solo. A small piece of it. Maybe they can play the correct notes. But when they ar

Guest Posting

My Blog is now open to Guest Posting here is an example of Guest Post. Anything related Pop/Rock and Blues Guitar is welcomed. Both theoretical or technical posts. No Metal, Hardcore, Extreme Jazz, Classical or anything that is not related to the con

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