Golf Mental Game Tips

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Added: August 21, 2012
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If You Don’t Do This Before Your Round, You’re Doomed

I’ve just recently started to play more and more golf now as the weather has been great in my hometown of Victoria BC. But as I’ve been playing more, my back has gotten very stiff and sore during and after rounds. It reminded me of why I

Having a Range Finder Is A Must For Your Confidence

On Friday I was out playing with my friend who owns Reel Obsession Sport Fishing. He’s not much of a golfer but when we do play he likes to be very precise. That’s why he bought a range finder. I haven’t talked at all about how a ra

Golf Etiquette For Smokers

I was playing golf yesterday for the first time in months. It was great to get out on the course. I played really good too which always adds to a round with good people on a warm and sunny spring day. There was something the disturbed me on the 6th g

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