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Added: March 18, 2011
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UST – 10-day Lantern

Sometimes a piece of gear boasts a claim that is so definitive, that the only way to test it is to call them out on that claim. So we stuck some batteries - an honourable mention must go to Varta's High Energy Alkaline AAs - in UST's 10-day lantern a

Brunton – Hydrogen Reactor

The device itself converts little cartridges of Hydrogen in to electricity, which in turn powers you USB-compatible device. There are no batteries. No wall chargers. No solar panels and no winding anything up. It's really bloody clever stuff. Read

Aclima – Warmwool Hooded Sweater

There's a hood (as the name probably gives away), but it converts from completely folded away, leaving you with a round-neck, to neck gaiter, to full balaclava when the weather is absolutely bracing. Read more...

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