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Added: March 18, 2011
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Jottnar – Alfar Mid Layer

I simply love it. It's warm, waterproof, shower-resistant and is super lightweight and not once has it let me down, and you know what that tagline it's not just spurious marketing shizzniz, you really do feel like you can tackle a bigger challenge wh

Mindshift Gear – r180 Trail Backpack

The design has been influenced by people who like to take their photography outside. I know that I have missed images because I have needed to take off my pack and get something out. This bag won’t help me take better photographs, but it will certa

Ohyo – 1000 Collapsible Drinking Bottle

The main benefit, though, and the reason for the inclusion in my ZASP is the tiny size that the bottles will pack down to. The 500ml collapses down to the size of a badly crushed drinks can, and the new 1000ml Sport version is not much larger. Read m

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