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Added: March 18, 2011
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Sigg – Thermo Bottle

The 1L bottle is a tall, thin affair which is quite elegant and sits nicely inside a 25L backpack. It has a cup which it snugly nestles inside, and both the cup and the bottle have a rubber patch on the bottom so they don't slide off a car dashboard

Airbac – AirTech Backpack (32L)

The amount of padding in the AirTech Backpack is insane. They've turned up the padding dials to 11 and it's foam o'clock in the shoulderstraps. The bag oozes comfort from every pore. But it's that enormous air bladder which is the party piece. Its ov

Sprayway – Grendel Windstopper Jacket

It is sold as a windproof jacket, and uses mostly Gore Windstopper fabric, with panels of stretchy softshell in the sides and underarm to aid ventilation and movement. But the thing about Windstopper is that it's actually pretty much the same stuff a

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