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Added: March 18, 2011
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Jottnar – Bergelmir Jacket

I was discussing the jacket yesterday with a friend who bought one for use in all-weather climbing (his job). He's the kind of bloke who can spend all day outdoors in bitter wind without donning a pair of gloves whilst I'm stood next to him watching

Zamberlan – Vioz 996 GT boots

These boots are excellent. I haven't had a single blister or a rub. I've been kicking them into snowy mountains and scrambling around on rocky slopes happily for a few months now and they really aren't showing a mark, they are clearly better boots th

Mountain Craftsman – Custom made Jacket

Paul makes all kinds of things from fleeces to tents and even repairs damaged kit. Where Mountain Craftsman stands out from so many other manufacturers though, is that he will make made-­to­-measure clothing that fits beautifully... Read more...

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