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Added: March 18, 2011
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Houdini – Twill Action Pants

I don't think I've ever described anything as being a bit penisy before, but thanks to quite a stiff zipper and a generously lengthy crotch, the Action Pants certainly do make you look like you're ready for action. Flying the flag. Waving Houdini's m

Boreas – Super-Tramp Backpack System

The folk over at Boreas (sister company of Alite) have come up with, what we think is, a rather nifty suspension system for their backpacks. They’ve called it the Super-Tramp and with a simple pull of a strap the back […] Read more...

UST – BASE all-weather tarp

Configuring the BASE tarp is a task to bring joy to the heart of any knot afficionado. The bag it comes in has a couple of handy ideas for ways that you can use the guylines, trees or even your walking poles to create a shelter. I prefer the old muck

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