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Releasing Fear of Failure With EFT

Fear of failure is one of the subconscious reasons why you could be procrastinating and sabotaging your success. When you are afraid to fail, you live a smaller life with less risk. You stay in your comfort zone but no progress is made in your comfor

Using EFT to Overcome Procrastination and Sabotage In Your Business

Procrastination is a problem for many network marketers. Do you find yourself procrastinating when you know you have things that you would like to be doing that will grow your business faster? We all do it from time to time but if it becomes a regula

Oola Oils and EFT To Grow Your Business

The Oola oils were designed to use to help in bringing your life and business into balance. Using Field and Finance can help grow your Young Living Business. Field – is your career, your vocation, or your role in life. If you are building a bus

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