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No holds barred on marketing, branding, customer service, and nonprofit marketing by Elaine Fogel

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No holds barred on marketing, branding, customer service, and nonprofit marketing by Elaine Fogel
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Added: October 02, 2010
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If You’ve Got a Chip on Your Shoulder Why are You in Marketing or Sales?

When you cold-call prospects, how do you respond when they ask if you're selling something? It's a very common question busy people will ask when they don't know you.

How to Get 10 Posts Out of One Good Idea

It’s time to post to your blog.  You scratch your head, pace up and down, drum your fingers, start several posts and delete them…and at last, you have it. It’s a good idea.

And “They” Said Email Marketing Was Dead

For all those naysayer marketing experts who predicted the demise of e-mail marketing, all I can say is: Ha! You're wrong!

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