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How to Alleviate or Prevent Pregnancy Backaches?

Backache is a common problem among pregnant women. Bad body postures and movements can aggravate your backache during pregnancy. Therefore, it is important to learn healthy movements and postures. Certain exercises and home remedies can help ...

How to Correct Body Postures During Pregnancy? - Part 2

How to stand and walk?During pregnancy, most women tend to bend the back backwards while standing up as their abdomens enlarge gradually. Therefore, this posture pushes the enlarged abdomen forwards and strains the muscles of the back. Keeping ...

How to Correct Body Postures During Pregnancy? - Part 1

Correct body postures and movements are essential factors for our well-being. During pregnancy, a woman experiences various changes in her body. Therefore, most women tend to keep up incorrect body movements and postures, which affect their ...

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