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Dr Matthew Ashton's Politics Blog

Dr Matthew Ashton's Politics Blog
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Great mistakes in politics (No42) Rick Perry’s Oops moment

For all the talk of the 2012 US Presidential election being about ‘social media’, it actually demonstrated that live TV debates still mattered. Throughout the campaign the debates probably shaped the public’s perception of the candidates ...

Great political TV series (No11) The Caesars

If you asked the average British person to name a TV series about the Roman Empire full of sex, violence and political scheming, I’m fairly sure they’d pick I Claudius (or possibly Rome depending on how old they were). It’s …

Great political movies (No59) Argo

F Scott Fitzgerald once said there were no second acts in American lives, but Ben Affleck seems determined to prove him wrong. Originally part of the indie scene in the 1990s he quickly became a Hollywood leading actor. Thanks to … Continue ...

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