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Ned the Time Traveller (11)

Ned the Time Traveller (11) by Doodle DojoNed the Robot likes to dress up now and then. He’s always wanted to travel in time and space. And he loves a fez, apparently fezzes are cool. And so are bow ties.Any whovians you know are sure to love Ned's

Ned's Flower

Ned's Flower by Doodle DojoNed the robot finds a flower. Its a pretty cute flower, but then Ned's a pretty cute robot too.Only £17.00 at EtsySee size, colour and style options on the

Mad Maxfink

Mad Maxfink by Doodle DojoMax Rockatansky, driving through the outback in his V8 Interceptor, looking for injustice and righting wrongs. Keep it up long enough and it would drive anyone mad.A tribute to a classic movie series and a classic artist. Ed

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