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Droid Bar

Droid Bar by Doodle DojoThere are some hives of scum and villainy where they don't serve 'their kind'. That's not how it is in the Mos Eisley Droid Bar, they extend a warm welcome to all kinds. Need a recharge? An oil bath? Maybe a top-up of hydrauli

Ned the Time Traveller (1985)

Ned the Time Traveller (1985) by Doodle DojoNed the Robot likes to dress up now and then. He likes travelling in time too and this time he’s leaving 2015 to go all the way to 1985 with his hoverboard. Let’s just hope he can get back!

Not Mad!

Not Mad by Doodle DojoImperator Furiosa isn't mad. Not like that Max guy anyway. She's just really, really angry.This typography design was inspired by one of the best action films for a long time, Mad Max - Fury Road. It turns out it was worth going

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