Your online paint store offering free advised and tips in paints and painting supplies for the professional or a do-it-yourself ki..

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Your online paint store offering free advised and tips in paints and painting supplies for the professional or a do-it-yourself kind of painter.
Added: April 28, 2012
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Flood E-B Emulsa Bond

E-B Emulsa Bond is a stir-in latex/acrylic paint additive for exterior wood, masonry or aluminum siding that helps alleviate peeling problems when painting over a sound but chalky or dusty surface. E-B Emulsa Bond provides a bonding oil, stirs in eas

Flood TWF-SEMI Semi-Transparent Wood Finish

Flood TWF-SEMI Semi-Transparent Wood Finish is a premium-quality finish that provides long-lasting appearance and protection to natural wood. Its exclusive formula combines the rich penetration of an oil with the durability of an acrylic resin. It en

Flood-Wood Cleaner

Flood Wood Cleaner is a powerful cleaner and brightener which restores gray, weather-beaten exterior wood that is unfinished to its natural color. A strong, economical cleaner, Flood Wood Cleaner gets under and removes surfaces and ground in dirt whi

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