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Added: November 04, 2011
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Diatribe: When It Comes To Marriage Equality, Leaders In Kansas, Montana and South Carolina Aren’t Following The Law.

When I was in grade school there were about one hundred children in my class and we were separated into four “home rooms” of about twenty-five students.  We spent the day with the same group of kids throughout the school year and mingled with th

Ovation: Shepard Smith Explains Ebola.

I watch the local news on television each morning when I get dressed for work.  Generally, I tune in to see the weather forecast and to learn about any significant traffic issues that might interfere with my commute.  I find much of what they repor

Diatribe: When Your $10,000 Hermès Bag Smells Like Pot Or A Skunk And You Don’t Have A Chicken Box To Hide It In.

My dog is a spoiled little creature who, generally, thinks she’s the boss of me.  But, when it comes time to go for a walk I make it very clear that I am in charge and we both know who is in charge.  I don’t let HER walk ME.  She has two routi

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