Decorative Hat Boxes Classical Designer Boxes

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Added: April 15, 2012
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Famous People and Hats

Hollywood's Influence on Hat FashionThe hat covers the head. It can be used for warmth and to protection against the elements. The hat is also a fashion statement, ceremonial garb, religious habit, occupational habit, military habit and for safety. I

The Top Hat and The Top HatBox

?Men Top Hats and Top Hat Boxes? ? ? I am a girlish girl and love vintage women hats. I am also fascinated by vintage men hats. One in particular is Men Top Hat. Popular in the mid 1700's to 1920's. Records show the first top hat was worn in

Wedding Dress Storage - Wedding Memorabilia Storage

?? ? Wedding Dress Storage - Wedding Memories Storage? ? ?After the wedding Designer Decorative Wedding Dress Storage and Wedding Memorabilia Storage. Hat Boxes

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