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The Passenger, All 4

HAVING THE HORROR OVERTONES of True Detective series one, this new French series on All 4 looks a bit of a spine-tingler. The naked body of a man wearing a bull’s head is discovered at the Gare de Bordeaux-St-Jean. It’s the work of a serial ...

In Plain Sight, ITV

Chilling, fact-based portrait of Peter Manuel, infamous Scottish psychopath from the 1950s ???? ITV, Wednesday, 7 December, 9pm ITV HAS A good record of adapting true-crime events into mini-dramas. The appalling cases of the Moors Murder ...

New Crime Series 2017

Here is our annual preview of new crime series and thrillers coming up. Most will be on next year, but some will feature in the autumn of 2016, including… Rillington Place, BBC1, Tuesday, 29 November, 9pm Tim Roth, Samantha Morton, Nico Mirallegro ...

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