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Added: August 29, 2011
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Interesting and Useful Facts About QR Codes

Aside from the obvious uses of QR codes for marketing, advertising, and payment purposes, here are a few little known uses and facts about QR Codes: You can create a QR code that will dial a predetermined number and ring that phone.  QR codes can

Going Green Means Saving Both The Environment And Saving Money

In this these times when there is so much polution, so many different types of chemicals and fumes being released into the environment, and people simply being wasteful, it is a good idea to remind each other how we can become more green. Here are so

Top Picks for Museums to Visit in New York City

New York City has an abundance of history, culture, arts, and all things interesting. There is definititely not a lack of museums to visit to get your fill on favored art pieces - everything from modern art, renaissance, classical, and everything in

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