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Added: May 24, 2011
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SAT Vocabulary – Acolyte

This Week’s Word: Acolyte [A-Kuh-lite] noun. An acolyte is any attendant, assistant or follower; historically, acolyte has referred to members of the Roman Catholic Church. Synonyms: Follower, apostle, disciple, missionary, soldier, loyalist, and s

Ask Test Masters – Bad Grades & AP Credits

Ask Test Masters is a free information service offered by the college admission experts at College Compass. Reader Cynthia has a question about how bad grades early on in her high school career might impact her chance of admission to an Ivy League sc

The University of Texas Coordinated Admission Program (CAP)

Admission to the University of Texas at Austin has become notoriously difficult for Texas students graduating outside of the top 7% of their high school class. If you are not familiar with the policies and laws governing automatic admission to the Un

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