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Added: May 12, 2011
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part IV

sat with the yellow leaves today and listened to age pryor next to a soccer game. it was six o’clock so there was a little light left and i got to think about alex. back then during this time, i was up to snow in my northstrom boots, in the valley

part III

felt maya move from katie at the corn farm. i missed her today at the park. i was waiting for andrew to get done for his interview at the National Security Administraion at 10 am. i bought maya her first book, a paint-by-numbers something about romeo

part II

andrew and i came home late  from the club. i got up before 8 again, made coffee, woke up andrew, read a text message from metro about “my dude last night” coming in. i sent back smiley faces, walked out with an empty backpack, and picked up mil

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