Checkit or Exit

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Added: May 12, 2011
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QUESTION: Was MD’s earthquake from oil fracking in West Virginia?MAGIC 8-BALL: IT IS CERTAIN.QUESTION: Was Chrissie Hynde actually in a band named for a rapist?MAGIC 8-BALL: BETTER NOT TELL YOU NOW.QUESTION: Is Salman Rushdie out of danger (for goo


i couldn’t wake up, was too busy on the other side.  i kept trying, then i’d hook up with harrison ford again, so i stayed.  amanda was doing it, one step ahead though.  she’d gone down on him in his space craft.  the phone wouldn’

5/20: Manic Monday [FYI, Prep More Sunday]

7:30 a.m.: Teach For America and Potential Lawyer, beats 5 teachers to entrance of school. 8:35: Greet students with caffeinated TFA PL who screams superlatives to every kid that walks. 8:40: Get email from Smile Hon, You’re in Baltimore! editor, c

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