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Added: September 01, 2010
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Tiger & Bunny movie 1: The Beginning

The Beginning is the first installment of Tiger & Bunny movie. The second movie will only be shown in Oct next year. Sigh... it's gonna be a long wait. I quite enjoyed the anime series and unexpectedly, I enjoyed the movie more. I'm definitely going

Fairy Tail movie: Houno no Miko

I was excited to know that 3 anime movies are showing in my local theaters. Out of the 3, I've watched 2 - Tiger & Bunny and Fairy Tail. I'm still deciding whether to go and watch the Naruto movie. Hmm... should I? Anyway, I shall talk about Fairy Ta

Kuroko no Basket

What's the hype behind Kuroko no Basket? I'm not saying this because I don't like Kuroko no Basket. In fact, I like it but I still don't get the hype. The characters may be really cool but I think the plot is too predictable, the power-ups are too ri

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