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Added: December 17, 2012
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Pescetarian Diet Plan

Pescetarians have a vegetarian diet; do not eat chicken, pork, lamb or beef. The difference is that they consume seafood. The diet is similar to the lacto - ovo category, consuming eggs and dairy products.A vegetarian diet usually have health benefit

Dukan Diet Attack Phase Recipes

This is the first phase of the Dukan diet. It must " put the wheels in motion " to start losing weight . Its principle is simple: eat only protein found in food base current.How long the attack phase?Depending on how many pounds you need to lose, the

A trick to Lose Weight Effectively

Drinking green coffee every morning is a trick to lose weight effectively. Indeed, the benefits of green coffee are recognized as an ally perfect thinness. Green coffee has diuretic and antioxidant. Premium, caffeine has the effect of increasing the

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