All about Entertainment News ,Gizmos,Software Mods & Much Mooore.........

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All about Entertainment News ,Gizmos,Software Mods & Much Mooore.........
Added: September 01, 2011
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Latest news about the shows

Latest news about the shows25/11/11Renewed/Cancelled Shows :Renewed:American Horror Story (for a second season)Boardwalk Empire (for a third season)Boss (for a second season)Dexter (for a seventh and eight season)Downton Abbey (for a third series)Hav

Google Plus social network opened to everyone..Yipieee :D

Those of you who

(Upcoming Movies) In Time Trailer!!!

Andrew Niccol, who also directed and wrote films such as Gattaca, Lord of War and Simone.He also wrote and co-produced The Truman Show is back with an awesome revelation of

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