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Added: September 01, 2010
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End the “Code of Silence”

I was asked to contribute to a survey recently, and one question made me think.  It was a question about why don’t more people consult investment professionals, and What keeps them from doing so.  I gave a fairly standard answer for me: There

Post 2600

Every 100 posts or so, I take a step back and think about where I have been, and maybe, where things are heading.  This time, things are a little different. It started when there was a series of articles published where they were measuring the amoun

Book Review: The Little Book of Market Wizards

Over time, I have reviewed a decent number of “Little Books.”  I have a theory as to why I like some of them, and not others.  I like the ones that take a relatively narrow concept and summarize it.  An example of that would be Mark Mo

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