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Found on the plate stolen to the French artist «Cézanne» in Serbia

Posted on 04/18/2012 10:53:57 PM

Police in Serbia on the board of the French artist Paul Cezanne had been stolen at gunpoint from a museum in Switzerland four years ago. The painting bears the name of "the boy with a red bra," which media said it is estimated at more than $ 100 million and is one of the four paintings stolen by three ...

My Travels to Kuwait

Posted on 03/15/2012 07:27:43 AM

Sorry for the delay in updating my blog, we`ve been without internet for some time now. There is an internet cafe nearby which I`ve used once. But I am able to tap into a wireless connection on my balcony periodically, but it is not that reliable. I hope to have internet in by the end of this week.   Well ...

Leaving For Kuwait, August 31, 2010

Posted on 03/13/2012 10:38:17 AM

Well if you don`t know by now I am headed off to Kuwait to teach for two years. I`ll be teaching grade eight social sciences, exciting I know. Well the idea of this blog was quickly inspired after I accepted the job offer at the Dasman Model School of Kuwait. I think it was really out of the boredom ...

Print your own t-shirt using an ordinary inkjet printer

Posted on 02/25/2012 01:41:11 AM

Do you want a cool and one-of-a-kind t-shirt? Why not design and print your own?   With the use of an ordinary inkjet printer and your favorite graphic design software you can create your own personalize T-Shirt using iron on inkjet transfer paper technique. This process is simple and fun, you ...

15 Easy Things You Can Do to Make Your Home More Sustainable

Posted on 02/23/2012 03:56:08 PM

A sustainable home is one that is going to last and be the most energy efficient. How sustainable is your home? There are many changes that you can make to ensure that your house is living up to its full potential.  Below are 15 easy things that you can do to make your home more sustainable. Switch ...

Vivid variety of picture frames for you

Posted on 01/31/2012 03:57:43 AM

If you are enthusiastic upon venturing about picture framing yourself in your own home, you can do so by using a few unique, cool however trendy ideas. The days are gone when picture frames would be only within dark and steel. Today’s contemporary frame designs can be a befitting adornment for the ...

MAKEDO: Creating Things From the Stuff Around You

Posted on 01/20/2012 03:52:48 AM

The possibilities of what you can make with makedo are limited only by the materials you find and your imagination. Wouldn’t you love to make play objects, kid’s costumes, furniture, decorations for the home and well, just about anything you can think of from the materials around ...

Five Easy Pieces (1970) or the Elusive Quality of Fame

Posted on 01/13/2012 08:54:42 AM

How do some become household names while others rest in oblivion?  What is that makes a Star? The texture, the choices or just the Casting Director? Why do we all know the name of Jack Nicholson, whereas that of Karen Black does not even ring a bell? This is a companion on ...

Pole dance classes- dancing with fitness

Posted on 12/22/2011 09:36:58 PM

You might too call pole dancing the brand new exercise craze, simply because a number of ladies take up lessons as a way to slim down, strengthen up, try new things, enhance their sex life as well as work up a serious perspiration with a few amazing techniques. The pole ballet classes London are probably ...

Martin Cid speaks of Yareah, a magazine of art and Literature

Posted on 12/21/2011 04:06:16 PM

by Michael J Metcalf Q.- Yareah magazine has been several months “sleeping” but now you have published a new issue (19) titled “Seven to Seven”. Why that break? Martin Cid.- It is hard to maintain a free magazine. Of course, the good part is that you can publish what you like, ...

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