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Alice in Wonderland Photography Series: Tea time

08/12/2012 13:43:49 PM

Die folgende Fotoreihe stellt den Beginn einer Alice-in-Wonderland-Serie dar. Ich bin ein großer Fan der beiden Bücher (vor allem des ersten Teils) und habe auch mehrere Ausgaben zuhause. Der Autor war allerdings eine sehr dubiose Gestalt... aber das ändert nicht an der Tatsache, das..

Poached Pears in balsamic vinegar and wine reduction

08/07/2012 22:36:13 PM What do you do with a free hour on a lazy Sunday afternoon? Poach pears. Peal and simmer 2-3 pears in 2 cups of white wine for 5-7 minutes, and 2-3 pears in equal parts balsamic vinegar and red wine. Leave one pear fresh for contrast. After the pears are removed from the poachi..

The virtues of Kodak T Max 100 film

07/29/2012 05:25:09 AM

Yes, he is indeed. I say friend, but I may change that to "was" some time soon! Why? Because I myself have been a lifelong devotee of Tri X, that's why! And anybody who says anything against my favourite film automatically gets included in my little black book! Seriously, though, T Max is an ok..

Digital camera lets me down at the last moment!

07/29/2012 05:23:38 AM

Get ready for an almighty rant against digital cameras, folks! I was invited to a friend's graduation ceremony and so I foolishly decided to take a digital camera with me, instead of one of my usual film cameras, knowing full well of the weaknesses that can, and usually do, pop up at the wrong..

Wedding Vows: find your voice make your wedding vows personal

07/26/2012 13:49:07 PM

    Ok, you are just told that you are writing your own wedding vows. WHAT, do you say something funny, sweet, long, short....argh... NO worries! Just make it personal. Yes, make it about what she/he does for you but say it as if he/she were the only person in the room. Talk to him/he..

Alabama Gulf Coast Beaches

07/26/2012 13:42:49 PM

Alabama Gulf Coast Beaches Is it the water or the sand that makes Alabama Gulf Coast beaches so spectacular? Everyone seems to have their own opinion. But with miles of sparkling turquoise Gulf waters and stunningly white sand that's so soft it squeaks under your feet, you don't have to choose.W..

A walk in the garden with my Ricoh GRD

07/20/2012 04:31:51 AM

  After an early morning start, I finally started getting that weird feeling that all writers are familiar with, that of feeling as if you are glued to your chair! You know, I really do believe that sitting typing our work on a laptop is partly to blame; in my mind, I just don’t thin..

The first time I held a camera!

07/20/2012 04:29:35 AM

How photographers are made!photo courtesy As with everything, the things we see and hear about when we are children, often affects us very deeply, whether it’s good or bad experiences. Fortunately, I believe that we humans are in general born with an inate goodness with..

How to Use Digital Images For Websites

07/19/2012 22:44:20 PM

How to Use Digital Images For Websitesby:  Dennis Nikols Senior Photographer at As I Found It and Ideal TotemStock images are using a collection of images licensed that are available on the market. Digital stock pictures are a good way to save money and time to get new images quickly. The agenc..

Image Wrangling One — Images Are Stories

07/19/2012 22:34:41 PM

Image Wrangling One — Images Are Storiesby:  Dennis Nikols, Senior Photographer at As I Found It and Ideal TotemThat images are stories is a self-evident truth, not only of photography but of all images, from the child's drawings through the paintings and sculptures found in world class m..

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