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Photographers around the world:Germany

Posted on 03/21/2016 04:55:07 PM

She is finally here, a very welcomed guest:Spring. She comes in a dress made of green grass and wreath made of purple crocuses and white snowdrops. She has a heavy bag with garden tools and her shoes made of new leaves sinks in the rich black soil. Drops of rain bang on her umbrella made of grey clo..

Meet photographers aroun the world:Greece

Posted on 03/17/2016 05:05:23 PM

Sometime between a work, cleaning the house, cooking a dinner, taking kids out to the park, carrying shopping bags, taking care of stuff  I have my splendid moments, sitting on my sofa that I called my office with the laptop in my hands which is like a ticket for my next trip. I take my cyber j..

Why The Color RED Made Me a Better Photographer

Posted on 02/27/2016 10:48:13 AM

Is the red color responsible for bringing attention to pictures? Kent DuFault in the article  was wondering why some pictures might be more attractive then the other, and noticed that pictures with something red on them may bring more attention. Well no doubt color red was chosen for stop traff..

Once upon a time there was a potato

Posted on 02/12/2016 03:50:10 PM

Have a look on my potato challenge, where I want to get better pictures then the man who sold picture of poatato for 1.6$! So i did some pictures, I did some fun research. Spread the word maybe my pictures can be worth some money too!? Well you can have a look and estimate on your own, I'm waiting f..

KeepSnap Directory August Monthly Digest!

Posted on 08/26/2015 02:21:15 AM

Earlier this year we launched a new project for photographers called KeepSnap Directory where you can publish your portfolio and find clients that will hire you. The project has already attracted numerous photographers from all around the world and some of them are really good. Check out t..

Triple Nikon, Canon, and Sony Lens Review Vol. 2

Posted on 08/19/2015 02:14:26 AM

And again we’re on with reviews of awesome lenses you can win in the photography contest we are making together with Photographytalk. The first place prize is one of three lenses worth over from $1500 to $2000 each, the second place prize is a lens worth about $1000, and the third place p..

5 Tips for Sharp Long Exposure Night Photography

Posted on 07/21/2015 04:57:33 AM

However, you need to be prepared in order to take long exposure night pictures that are really good because most often they turn out to be blurry. We’ve prepared 5 tips for getting sharper photos when doing long exposure photography at night in this article. Come on in!   Use a tripod A ..

Ultimate Guide to KeepSnap Photographers’ Directory

Posted on 07/07/2015 04:24:20 AM

KeepSnap Directory is a place where photographers meet willing clients and vice versa. It’s a perfect spot for creating your portfolio, boasting your best shots, and attracting dozens of new clients. It’s true that the idea of the project is not brand-new, but you can’t really..

Interviewing Ivan Nava: Making People Happy with Your Images

Posted on 07/07/2015 04:20:16 AM

Ivan Nava was born in the United States in 1983 and raised in Venezuela. He majored in Visual Communications, but managed to become a professional photographer with a distinctive style through self-teaching. During his career he worked with such brands and magazines as Honda, Mercedes Benz, KIA, Por..

Conference Photography Tips

Posted on 03/22/2015 12:27:49 PM

Conference Photography can be a very lucrative photography profession, with many large corporations and companies willing to pay a premium price for high quality conference photography coverage. Unfortunately, due to the high standards and expectatoins within this field of photography, it is also im..

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