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Ovation: Andrew De Leon - Don't Judge This Book By Its Cover.

06/07/2012 09:42:01 AM

Have you ever met a little dog that was just so cute and adorable that you wanted to reach out and stroke its fur?  Scratch it behind the ears and smell its puppy breath?  Only to be met by a scathing growl, bark or attempted chomp?  Looks can be deceiving in so many ways. But what ab..

Dance Training Helps Rural Chinese Children's Development

04/23/2012 02:51:47 AM

Dance training helps rural Chinese children's development.Rural students rarely get access to dance training, due to lack of teachers and facilities. But in a rural school in Tongling County of Anhui Province, children are chasing their dancing dream thanks to a "Rural Dance Classroom" recently ..

Diatribe: Banda Music And Black Market Tubas.

03/12/2012 08:44:02 AM

About half-way through my college music experience, the baritone horn player in the concert band graduated and I was asked to take his place.  I had never played a baritone before but was quite proficient at the trombone and the two instruments are similar in many ways.  I borrowed a barit..

Ovation: What A Wonderful World.

02/28/2012 09:23:37 AM

There's a lot of hate in our world.  A lot of destruction and despair.  But there's also a vast amount of beauty that's ours to behold.  Last Saturday I had the privilege of enjoying the local symphony orchestra perform Aaron Copeland's Symphony No. 3 and it was fantastic.  As I ..

WMC, UMF et IDMA à Miami, les évènements DJ 2012

02/25/2012 15:59:57 PM

Depuis de nombreuses années maintenant, la ville de Miami en Floride fait partie des rendez les plus réputés de la planète au niveau de son climat bien sûr, mais également pour l’organisation annuelle d’évènements professionnels inco..

Diatribe: It's Too Soon For Grammy's To Shower Chris Brown With Love.

02/15/2012 08:39:37 AM

I watched every minute of the 2012 Grammy Awards on television and, for the most part, I enjoyed it.  Big wins by Adele and moving tributes to the late Whitney Houston were expected and did not disappoint.  But I was, frankly, disgusted by the amount of time devoted to Chris Brown.  H..

Pina is Phenomenal!!!

02/12/2012 23:32:38 PM

What else can you say about this phenomenal film? If Pina is just a glimpse inside of Pina Bausch numerous works, then a second film must be made. That amount of talent was unmistakably predestined and set aside for her alone. Wim Wenders, director of the fillm, captured the pure essence of every..

Hillar Swank and other Stars Increible Wrongheadedness.

10/24/2011 18:38:00 PM

Oscar winning actress Hillary Swank received much well deserved flak for performing in front of a ruthless ruler strongly suspected of crimes against humanity. This from "Human Right Watch"Here are the facts. She performed in front of Chechen dictator Ramzan Kadyrov.  It was his 35th birthday p..

Forbidden Kingdom Kung Fu Epic

10/04/2011 21:16:44 PM

Forbidden Kingdom Kung Fu Epic The Movie "Forbidden Kingdom" Starring Jet Li & Jackie Chan, contains some of the best Kung Fu Cinema action scenes to date. Of course what else would you expect from Jet & Jackie! The story line mixes several of the classic Chinese folkloric martial art tales ..

An online video sharing community designed for the independent artist

09/16/2011 05:42:51 AM

GIVE ME A DIRECT IV (INDIE VISION)…SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE! Giving a voice to the people! INDIE VISION (IVN) is the FUTURE of broadcasting is here. Embracing the fundamental conviction of giving all walks of life a voice, sometimes it might contradict with someone else, but that’s w..

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