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Poetry As Art: Friedrich Schiller and William Wordsworth

Posted on 12/17/2011 10:06:17 AM

Poetry is a delicate art. A copious number of persons classify themselves as poets. True poets, however, are not ubiquitous. They exist only in small numbers, and are frequently isolated from society. They work in solitude creating images of nature and shaping reality with words for distinct pu..

In the cube

Posted on 12/15/2011 02:02:07 PM

In the cube battles are fought. Lives are lost. It's an ancient war replica. Replicated are the numbers of lives lost. Soldiers lose their mind. And also a lot of fun... for those with nothing to care about.           It's called The Cube because of th..

San Andres

Posted on 12/12/2011 11:31:25 AM

En San Andres las mañanas son más frescas que en Barrio Parque. Da gusto caminar por sus veredas desparejas. En San Andres la gente camina lento y algunos andan por la calle en ojotas. Las señoras pasean sus batones y escobas con todo orgullo. En San Andres los árbole..

Lightning Book Promotions Farsighted Blog Tour is doing great! Check it out

Posted on 12/05/2011 04:29:37 PM

Farsighted by Emlyn Chand has her book touring with Lightning Book Promotions. Her book is fast becoming a hit and has already won a award! You can check out her tour here: Today is day five and there has been some great reviews, features and interv..

So You Think You Can Write

Posted on 12/04/2011 04:49:32 AM

You've recently retired and now have the time to get down to writing the novel that you always suspected was tucked away in a corner of your mind.  You are itching to put pen to paper, or sit down in front of the computer and reel off the next blockbuster.But you just can't seem to get started...

A Ghost Story To Tell Around The Fire

Posted on 12/03/2011 10:25:15 AM

Many years ago, before there was a television in the home, my family used to enjoy gathering around the fire at Christmas time to tell anecdotes and stories.The following is a fictionalised account of real events that happened to my father during his time on Tristan da Cunha during WW2.   &nbs..

Review of A Heart Revealed by Julie Lessman

Posted on 11/29/2011 06:13:46 PM

4.9 out of 5 stars Sean O'Connor wants only one thing--to spend all his days in the bliss of bachelorhood. When he takes a job working with his little sister's best friend, Emma Malloy, he does the one thing he never meant to do. . . he falls in love her with her. There's only one problem . . .she's..

Public Records Online

Posted on 11/25/2011 12:25:03 AM - public records online find and retrieve any state public records including court records, police records, state criminal records and criminal history, arrest records, court case details. Online public records first name: last name: house number street name:..

On a cloudy day...

Posted on 11/17/2011 12:26:36 PM

      On a cloudy day they visited the house.An autumn day. A big old russian style mansion left to rot. In front of the house a fountain.              -I'll inspect the fountain!! You go round the house!   &n..

El amor regresa

Posted on 11/16/2011 10:18:43 AM

El Amor Regresa   Cual palomas al aire, que perdieron sus destinos, el amor del cielo vuelve, nuevamente , era solo un lienzo para amarnos.   El amor regresa, no se fue, solo fue un instante, en que el tiempo fue quimera, pero la llama aun arde.   Al parecer han regresado mis poemas ..

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