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Writing The First Sentence Of Your Book

Posted on 12/02/2012 03:59:37 PM

She didn’t think twice when she plunged the knife into his chest. The blade sliced through his heart and he fell to the ground with a thud. She was cemented to the spot, panting for breath that her fear kept stealing from her lungs.   When he didn’t move, she realized he was dead, a..

Don't Give Up On Your Novel!

Posted on 12/01/2012 10:39:21 AM

Are you having trouble figuring out the plot? The good thing about writing your own novel is that you can always add or take out events as you write, and if you are clueless to what should happen, just start writing the beginning and go with it.   Writing a book is not easy, but don’t le..

Creating Setting And Tone

Posted on 11/30/2012 09:32:46 AM

The mid-January air felt like ice. It clawed at her cheeks as she wandered through the woods, not knowing where she was or where she was going. Her feet were numb from the white snow that devoured the whole land, and her breath was coming out in thick clouds. A cap of snow blossomed atop her head; c..

Bring Characters To Life!

Posted on 11/29/2012 03:20:49 PM

We don’t just read books for the plots, but for the characters. We are following their lives, listening to their conversations, and even intruding on their most intimate moments. We befriend them and sympathize with what they are going through. Sometimes we laugh at them or we cry with them. E..

Write What You Know

Posted on 11/28/2012 01:53:30 PM

  Your anxious fingers are tapping the end of your pen against your temple. On the ground next to you is an expanding mountain of crumpled paper that you had ripped out of a notebook, balled into your ink-stained fist, and chucked onto the floor in frustration. Every time you thought you had an..

Catching A Spark: A Story Idea

Posted on 11/27/2012 11:36:36 AM

A story is an artistic arrangement of words that can make us see a lush green field, hear a baby’s terrified wails, smell delicate orange blossoms, and even taste rich red wine.   To write a story you need an idea, a spark that you can lay on a piece of paper where it can blaze into ..

Sensational Saturday - Favorite Books - Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison

Posted on 11/24/2012 07:51:05 AM

  Sensational Saturday - it is sensational to read a book as a child and still enjoy it as an adult. Sensational Saturdays throughout November have all been about sharing my favorite books. We started with the Bible, then The Bourne Identity, next came The Collected Poems of Lan..

Wonderful Wednesday - Take a Chance - Write an E-book

Posted on 11/21/2012 09:39:52 AM

Wonderful Wednesday - it is wonderful to take a chance and write an e-book. Each Wonderful Wednesday throughout the month of  November has been devoted to taking a chance and starting something new. The first Wednesday was about taking a chance and starting a business, last week was about&..

Faith Of A Writer And Other Stories

Posted on 11/20/2012 12:20:47 PM

Writing is serious business (or any other career for that matter) you writebecause you believed you have something unique to share to the world and it’s avery risky business indeed to labor, work tirelessly with little breakschurning out your literary best and not have faith in yourself. Blog..

Eyes Of A Critic

Posted on 11/20/2012 12:12:42 PM

                    ''Do you know the easiest job in theworld?'' My friend asked nibbling through her popcorn as we watched Mel Gibson's acclaimfilm, 'The Patriot.' ''No,'' I replied absent-mindedly,tot..

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