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Abraham Lincoln Note Makes First Book about Fort Myer Outstanding!

09/05/2011 11:08:39 AM

Writing a book is a challenging project … finding information about the topic is also challenging … finding something to make it special is a key factor, but when you find something that’s rare and undiscovered, it makes the book outstanding! Little did I know when I began the re..

Mankind Can Never be Satisfied; A Good Thing?

08/22/2011 13:47:27 PM

Given that it is Ramadan, a time of spiritual enlightenment, it seems opportune to reflect upon a very bold statement; that since the dawn of time, Mankind has proven to be impossible to Satisfy. Our Beginning Since the beginning of time, the days of Adam & Eve, Mankind ..

Preise für Edelmetalle

08/12/2011 10:35:10 AM

Die Preise für Edelmetalle über Kenntnisse verfügen doch seit längerer Zeitlang vor allem den Weg entsprechend oben. Die Hinuntersteigen an den Aktienmärkten setzt gegenseitig wehranlage, währenddessen die europäische Staatschulden- und Bankenkrise wie gehabt wie i..

History of the Female Sex

06/28/2011 11:35:59 AM

  Women are often the hidden half of history, while men dominated the public arena. Since antiquity, women had silently left their mark on the world, and at times changed it. Not many people know that it was a Chinese empress named Xilingshi who invented sericulture around 3000BC that made Chin..

Afrikaner's Apartheid

06/21/2011 07:49:05 AM

Apartheid is an Afrikaans word meaning "place apart". This was the position of the Afrikaner National Party coming to power in 1948. His basic idea was the supremacy of the white race. In everyday life was reflected in the systematic separation of the population in South Africa, accor..

Los Eléatas

06/19/2011 11:10:31 AM

A finales del siglo VI a.C. surgió en Elea una escuela cuyos pensadores más importantes fueron Parménides y Zenón. Para ellos, la realidad es el Ser, lo que es, lo único que plenamente es. Parménides distinguió dos vías de conocimiento: la v&..

Fear on postindustrial societies

06/17/2011 07:58:55 AM

From Kierkegaard know very well the difference between fear and awe. The fear of the dangers mobilizes the vital forces for an active confrontation with the environment, encouraging the fight or flight. Instead, we experience fear, more or less intense at the loss of physical integrity, in..

The Dreyfus Affair

06/14/2011 07:07:53 AM

  On October 15, 1894 Alfred Dreyfus, a captain of staff belonging to a Jewish family is arrested, accused of having provided classified information to the Germans, the French counterintelligence services discovered in the trash the German military attache a handwritten document, which is ..

I Saw A Wounded Eagle - By Thelen Paulk

06/13/2011 08:02:26 AM

I saw a wounded Eagle, amidst a stormy sky his wounds, appearing fatal, suggested he would die he barely had the stamina, his wings would need to fly but an unknown source, of inner strength, enabled him to try   He flew out of the darkness, of the storm into the night slow but quite consistent..

The Four Germanys

06/11/2011 15:23:39 PM

In contemplating the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall we tend to forget that this was not the first time that the Germans were separated. In Britain the Saxons were divided into Sussex, Essex and Wessex, and on the continent the Carolingian kings divided the Germans into West Franks and Ea..

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