What is the Right Age to Play Golf?

What is the Right Age to Play Golf?

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What is the Right Age to Play Golf?

Golf resorts in Arizona and elsewhere are full of golfers of every age. Senior golfers treat golf as a physical activity and social event rolled in one. Younger golfers, including kids who have not reached their teen years, are full of golfing potential that make us look forward for what the future will bring. For all the other ages in between, golf serves different purposes from business to recreation. Golf can be played at any age, it’s one of the reasons why the game is so great. One of the big questions in the sport is if there’s a right age to play golf, but people should realize that there’s not right age, you just have to be big enough to swing a golf club.

Parents are excited to share the sport of golf with their kids. And why not? Golfing is a good bonding activity and it will allow parents to impart valuable lessons to their kids such as the importance of respect and patience. Golf is also a good activity for your kid to develop discipline and avoid negative influences. But somehow parents seem too eager to sign up their children for classes the moment they see him/her swinging anything that resembles a golf club. Usually, 10 is the ideal age to sign them up for formal golf lessons with a PGA pro golfer. Parents are afraid to teach their kids on their own because they might not do it correctly and the child might develop bad golf habits. But the most important golf lesson at this age is learning how to enjoy playing golf. You do not need a golf lesson to learn that, instead take your kid to golf vacations in AZ. Golf resorts in Arizona can be enjoyed by golfers of all levels and your whole family will definitely enjoy the other attractions that Arizona can offer.

If you are no longer a kid, but still want to learn golf, never think that you are too old to start playing. Though it is ideal to start at any sport while you are young, with golf you can still excel even if you are a late bloomer. Larry Nelson who won 10 PGA Tours only started playing golf at 21. Calvin Peete, who started playing at 23, won 12 PGA Tours. Especially if you are just playing golf for recreation, your age should not discourage you from picking up a golf club.

If you want to play golf, but think your age might be a disadvantage, do not let it get to you. Just go to a golf course and enjoy playing. Book some golf vacation packages in Arizona and you will definitely have the best golf experience ever!

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