Tips on Cleaning That Bathroom of Yours

Tips on Cleaning That Bathroom of Yours

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Tips on Cleaning That Bathroom of Yours

The work week is long and exhausting. During the week people just think of relaxation and the weekend. Most people live busy a life so the thought of the weekend is the thing that gives them expectations for the weekend. Friday night and Saturday night are the times when people can afford to go out and have fun because they don't have to work in the morning.

Usually Friday night and Saturday are the days when people relax from the work load during the week. These days are meant to be for relaxation and hobbies, whatever you like. These days are for pure relaxation of the body and the mind. Usually people use them to go out somewhere on a restaurant or a bar or simply to go shopping.

On Sunday people are relaxed and have time to attend to chores they haven't done during the week. One of those chores is cleaning the bathroom. Well face it this is not very pleasant chore even for professional cleaners Queensbury.  Here a few pointers how to do a good job.

  • Put on some rubber gloves and get some sponges, a cloth and a few rags.

  • Start by taking out all the rugs on the floor.

  • Throw away the garbage bin and put the old towels in the laundry.

  • A good idea is to start from the bathtub because if you start with the toilet most of the times the cleaning detergent has a hazardous smell.

  • Remove any hair that is stuck in the drain and scrub the walls with a tub cleaner and a sponge.

  • If there are any tough stains use a hard brush, in the end rinse with water and use a rag to dry of the area.

  • Next stet will be cleaning the sink, use the same cleaning detergent and repeat the process like with the sink, pay special attention to toothpaste stains and soap leftovers.

  • Next clean the mirrors and the windows(if any) with a window cleaner and the don't forget to make the faucets sparkle.

  • Then it is time to clean the walls and the floors which in most cases are tiles and you can use an ordinary tile cleaner.

  • In the end it is time to clean the toilet. Pour the cleaner in the toiler right under the edge and let it flow. In this time scrub the toilet seat and then spray it with a disinfectant.

  • In the end turn on the fan and leave the bathroom like this for a while.

  • Replace the towels and wash the rugs and basically you are good to go.


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