The Best Roofing Options for Pitched and Flat Roofs

The Best Roofing Options for Pitched and Flat Roofs

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The Best Roofing Options for Pitched and Flat Roofs

The Best Roofing Options for Pitched and Flat Roofs

There are a plethora of roofing options available on the market that can add beauty, protection and stability to a steel or metal home. Generally the roofing options for any home are based, first, on the type of roof the home has. Most homes have either pitched or flat roofs. Pitched and flat roofs each have their own distinct needs and roofing options. Another consideration is the age of the roof and original or existing roofing.

Low Pitched Roofs

Pitched roofs tend to be shingled or tiled. A variation on this norm comes into play for roofs that are technically pitched but have a very low pitch. With such roofs waterproofing can be a challenge. Options for lower pitched roofs are torch down asphalt roll roofs, modified for the low pitch or even metal roofing; however, both options are generally rather unattractive. The best of both worlds is a membrane roofing system. Effectively, a 1/8 inch thick ‘membrane’ would be sealed to the bare roof and then shingles could be placed over it.

Traditional Pitched Roofing

As pitched roofs are rather common there is no surprise that there are shingle and tile options for just about everyone. Composite shingles, wood shakes, clay or slate tile or concrete tile all are viable pitched roof choices. Past color and size most choices within any variation are generally the same. With that said, quality, durability and warranty options can vary from manufacturer to manufacture. Also, there are now shingles available that are made with sustainable and/or recycled materials.

One stand out choice are GAF Roofing Shingles. They break from the norm because they have crushed china on the surface of the shingles themselves. That improvement makes for a longer lasting shingle. The colors for GAF are limited though, with only ten options on the market. There are also extensive health benefits to using them, as they lack the chemical based rock utilized by most manufactures.

Flat Roofing

Of the roofing choices for flat roofs there are two that may be the most advisable. For convenience and the flexibility of not having to rip off the preexisting roof an innovative foam system is one great choice. The roof can simply be swept clean and the foam is sprayed directly on. Not only is the process simple but foam roofing is 15 times more energy efficient than tar and gravel, resulting in immense energy savings over time.

Another method, that was once not available to private home-owners due to it’s high pricing, if a torch down system. In a twist of chance the torch down system is actually now less expensive than traditional tar and gravel. Better still, is that torch down roofing lasts longer as well. If using fire for roofing seems daunting there is cold adhesive option as well or even a self adhesive system.

Additional options for flat roofs are metal, rolled roofing, or rubber roofing. Rolled roofing is a the cheapest, but it also tends to last the shortest time and is habitually installed incorrectly. Metal may be the best choice. A good copper roof with a soldered seam will last pretty much forever. However, for that longevity comes a hefty price tag. Learn more about residential buildings here.

The best bet is to consult a roofing contractor. Keep in mind all these options and beware of those who do not give a full range of varieties. Whether dealing with a pitched or flat roof the choice in roofing should come down to what will serve the purpose best. Roofing can not be a ‘thrift shopping’ experience. Also, if getting the ‘look’ will cause a sacrifice in quality, it may be better to just go with a slightly less attractive higher quality choice.

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