Teaching Gramma First Conditional

Teaching Gramma First Conditional

Teaching Gramma First Conditional

Posted on Nov 12 2011 at 08:34:29 PM in Jobs & Careers

Teaching gramma first conditional.

Quote 1. I usually give some examples of superstitions, e.g. If you break a mirror, you will... (they give the answer, since they already know Future Simple Tense).
2. Then I give some more oral examples for them to finish.
3. After that they make their own examples.
4. Now they write down an example or two.
5. In groups they try to figure out what goes with the IF clause, what with the main clause. They report back to the class.
6. In groups, they make new examples of "silly" superstitions.
For homework, they write several sentences asking other students: What happens if you... (they finish). Other students give answers, and then they choose the silliest one.

I definitely try to make fun of it, because I think the first conditional is easy to comprehend (it is very similar to the first conditional in their mother tongue), so that they aren't bored."

Read more at http://www.eslbase.com/grammar/first-conditional


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