Reason why online video marketing is important in your online business

Reason why online video marketing is important in your online business

Reason why online video marketing is important in your online business

Posted on Jan 15 2013 at 07:26:12 PM in Marketing & Advertising

Video marketing is not a new topic in online business. Actually, it is considered as one of the most important processes in an online business. Online video marketing has been around for a few years now and it still continues to grow and make progress. Many businesses use and make the most of video marketing and that's why this industry has also grown so big and the demand is becoming higher.


But, are we really aware of the advantages of video marketing? Why is it called one of many important marketing processes in a profitable business? In this post I would like to deal with the importance and the main reasons why video marketing has seized the minds of many successful businesses.

1. People like videos

We have to be realistic - a lot of us enjoy viewing videos. From the most controversial videos to the funniest ones, we are glued to our monitors from the second it starts up until the very end. Survey says that most people these days would rather watch a video rather than read a book. As a business, you can utilize this information to your benefit. If your products and services were put on video and described well on your online video marketing campaign, then you have a greater chance of growing your clientele list.


2. Videos spread like wild fire

With just a click, your videos can be watched by anyone and everyone on the planet. Who hasn't watched the successful viral video campaign Will It Blend? On YouTube alone, over 3 billion videos are viewed on a daily basis. 150 years of YouTube videos are viewed daily on Facebook. Truly, online video marketing is one of the quickest ways to propagate and promote your company's videos. You just have to remember that your company video should be intriguing enough to it to go viral .

3. It is still a young technology

Like everything digital, online video marketing technology is relatively new compared to the older forms of marketing. This only implies that the process is likely to grow from this point. There is still considerably more to improve and develop. And if you have decided to begin utilizing video marketing at this initial phase, the more it develops, the more you'll enjoy its benefits. As it is, early adopters of this marketing process have reaped the benefits greatly from video marketing.

4. It increases branding and credibility

When a business decides to take advantage of video marketing, it makes another level of reliability to their audiences and brand recognition increases as well. It opens another room to make your business gain more presence online. A way take advantage of video marketing is to brand your video with your company name or logo, and providing a link to your website or phone number.

Online video marketing is still young but reaps lots of benefits if used correctly. If you are a start-up or an established organization that aims to take advantage of this technology, take time to figure out just how to include a little bit of video to your business design.


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