Ovation: The NCycle.

Ovation: The NCycle.

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Ovation: The NCycle.

Ovation: The NCycle.

Kids today don’t have nearly as many freedoms as they did when I was a child.  From a very young age, I was allowed and encouraged to explore my neighborhood.  As I got older, my world got bigger.  Once I got a bicycle, there was no limit to the adventures that I could experience.

My first bicycle was a Schwinn with a sparkly gold banana seat.  I was so proud of it and kept it in the garage.  I put streamers on the end of each handle bar and used a clothes pin to attach a playing card (the Ace of Spades was best) to the rear axle so that it “clicked” on the spokes as I rode.

I would ride that bicycle to the library any chance that I got.  It was mostly downhill on the way there but a lot more work to get home.  I saved up for bicycle lock that had a combination instead of a key.  I probably didn’t really need it but I didn’t know what I would do without my bicycle.

Kids today can beg their parents for a new NCycle folding electric concept bicycle with integrated lock, gear stash and more.  The Ncycle, designed by Marin Myftiu and Skyrill, loads a lot of ideas into a compact package.  The bike has hidden, expandable storage, integrated headlights that double as speakers, rotating handlebars for multiple hand positions, hardened steel slides that form an oval lock and storage for a battery to power an optional motor in the rear.

Having a bicycle like this would certainly make a trip to the library an awesome excursion.  I could fold it up and bring it inside with me.  And then carry books home in the secret compartment.  Surely, children would read more if they could ride bicycles like this to their local library!  And wheels like these might inspire them to want more freedom.

Would you buy a bicycle like this one?


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