Ovation: Infrared Outdoor Grilling.

Ovation: Infrared Outdoor Grilling.

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Ovation: Infrared Outdoor Grilling.

Ovation: Infrared Outdoor Grilling.

I love to grill out.  I have some favorite recipes, as do most of us, and I’m not afraid to try new things.  I enjoy cooking chicken breasts marinated in Italian dressing, burgers, hot dogs, shish kabob and bratwurst.  But mostly I like a good steak.  I generally buy what’s on sale (no bones) and cook steaks slowly until they’re warm all the way through.  On special occasions, I’ll have a butcher cut thick lean steaks so that they’re consistent in size and will cook evenly.

We received a gas grill as a housewarming gift when we bought your house more than ten years ago.  We’ve used it dozens and dozens of times.  We did repairs and replaced parts more than once to keep it in good condition.  At least until last weekend.

We had friends over for dinner and I had bought nice sirloin steaks from the butcher to grill with a couple of sides and a nice salad.  While we were visiting, I lit the grill, as I’d done so many times before, so that it could warm up.  After a few minutes, I gently placed the steaks on the grill, closed the lid and waited four minutes before checking their progress.  They were cooking faster than I wanted so I turned down the gas, expecting the size of the flames to decrease, but the grill continued to roar.  I adjusted the knobs and was able to finish cooking the steaks by using the cooler areas around the edge of the grill when it suddenly occurred to me that my grill might no longer be safe to use.

After it cooled, I unfastened the gas connection and vowed to never use it again.  I pulled it to the curb on “garbage day” and, when I returned from the office that night, a lone briquette on the side of the street was the only evidence that it had ever been there.

That’s when a search for a new grill began.  We shopped around and researched on the internet to learn that there are dozens and dozens of grills from which to choose.  We wanted something simple and decided to purchase a two-burner Char-Broil infrared grill.  Infrared grilling actually differs from other forms of grilling that use hot air to cook the food.  In this kind of grilling, instead of heating the air, infrared radiation heats the food directly.  The grill is said to get hotter faster and food is thought to cook more quickly, sealing the flavors inside.

I’m looking forward to another ten years of grilling outside on our new grill.  Having new equipment has made me excited about cooking again and, hopefully, enjoying more fresh and healthy foods.  I think we’ll start with shrimp skewers.

What’s your favorite thing to cook on a grill?

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