Ovation: Huckleberry's Pig Out Palace!

Ovation: Huckleberry's Pig Out Palace!

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Ovation: Huckleberry's Pig Out Palace!

Ovation: Huckleberry

I love picnics.  Before my family grew too large to gather regularly, we had weekly gatherings that we called "shindigs".  Our grandparents, great aunts and uncles would take turns hosting the picnics and they were always a great time.  During the summer months, we would have our parties outdoors and there would be ball games, or badminton or baseball games for the children and the men would always play horseshoes.

The food would be a fantastic mix of everyone's favorites and, often, we would enjoy grilled hamburgers and hot dogs.  Some would call it bar-b-que however  I have since learned it was anything but.

When I, eventually, moved to the south I learned what real bar-b-que is all about.  It's a long, slow process and southerners take it very seriously.  The cooking and serviing of bar-b-que is an industry involving secret formulas to rival that of Classic Coke.  I, not too long ao, was given a recipe by a new friend that allowed me to make a passable pulled pork bar-b-que in my crock pot that was easy to prepare and delicious.  I've made it several times and thought it was the best I had ever tasted.

And then, today, I discovered Huckleberry's Pig Out Palace in Henryetta, Oklahoma.  At lunch time, while driving along the interstate, I decided that I wanted something different to eat ... something that I couldn't get at home ... and I happened upon the Pig Out Palace.  Locals enjoy it because it's an all-you-can eat buffet but I chose to order a bar-b-que sandwich.  I was so glad that I did.  I wasn't expecting anything spectacular but was pleasantly surprised, from the first bit, by the sweetly spicy and perfectly tender sandwich.  It was wonderful and reminded me that trying new foods can still an exciting and memorable experience.

The memories that we made with our cousins and extended family will always stay with us.  Be it pot luck in an aunt's back yard or fried chicken on Palm Sunday, for me food makes memories.  And today, I made a memory at the Pig Out Palace.

Do you have a favorite food memory?

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