Ovation: Freshneck – The “Netflix For Neck Ties”.

Ovation: Freshneck – The “Netflix For Neck Ties”.

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Ovation: Freshneck – The “Netflix For Neck Ties”.

Ovation: Freshneck – The “Netflix For Neck Ties”.

My household has always watched a lot of movies.  We always enjoy gathering in front of the television to watch a video together.  Of course, watching at home allows for pauses to get snacks, run to the bathroom or (in my case) just take a break to ask questions about what we’ve just seen.

For years, we rented movies from the local video store.  A trip to the video store was usually quite an adventure.  There were so many choices that it could be overwhelming for the youngest among us to make a selection and we’d be there for hours before a decision was made.  Usually, we’d go home with more movies than we could possibly watch in an evening.  And, of course, if we didn’t bring them back on time we would be charged late fees.

Eventually, we learned about Netflix.  The on-line service allowed us to make a list of videos that we’d like to see and, for a monthly subscription fee, a DVD would be mailed to our house with a pre-paid return envelope for us to use after we watched it.  We’d mail it back, they’d send the next movie on our list, we’d watch it, mail it back, and they’d send another.  There were no late fees, no unexpected charges, and we always had something that we wanted to see waiting for us to watch.  And we never had to leave the house.

We thought it was fantastic.

Finally, someone has figured out a way to use a similar service for men’s fashion accessories.  Freshneck has been called the “Netflix for neck ties” because it utilizes the same basic concept of mailing up to three ties, cufflinks, pocket squares or other items to customers.  Once a customer tires of them, he sends them back to have the next three items on his list shipped out.  Each shipment takes one to three business days to arrive and can be kept for as long as the wearer wants to keep them.  Or they can be worn once and sent back to be exchanged for the next item on the list.

I think this is a great idea and I’m surprised nobody thought of it sooner.  While some might say their success stems in large part from on-line web-based business, Netflix has become an incredibly profitable company.

While shopping at Christmastime, I was reminded of how extraordinarily expensive neckties have become.  A service like this could make a significant difference in the wardrobe budget of any business man, particularly younger men just starting to buy and wear suits.

It will be interesting to see if this catches on.  If the concept of mail order accessories works in men’s wardrobe accessories it will just be a matter of time before it catches on in the world of women’s fashion.

I wonder if there would be a similar market for costume jewelry.


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