Ovation: Country Music Returns To New York City Airwaves.

Ovation: Country Music Returns To New York City Airwaves.

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Ovation: Country Music Returns To New York City Airwaves.

Ovation: Country Music Returns To New York City Airwaves.

Ever since I got my first Sony Walkman, all those years ago, listening to the radio was something that I did less and less frequently.  Young people today rarely, if ever, listen to the radio.  Of course, there are those who enjoy satellite radio but I think it’s safe to say that most prefer to pick their own music from a digital collection so that they can hear what they want to hear exactly when they want to hear it.

I listen to the radio as much as ten hours each week.  This is precisely the amount of time that I spend alone in my car driving to and from the office each workday.  I listen, primarily, for live local traffic and weather reports.  Unfortunately, I can’t tolerate any of the stations available to me for any length of time.  One has an immature “zoo crew” of adolescent goofball DJs telling stupid jokes, another features a trio of “personalities” that all talk at the same time, yet another plays the same commercials over and over and most of them play the same songs every day at the exact same time for weeks.

It would be really nice to have a new offering like radio listeners in New York City.

For the first time in seventeen years, New Yorkers are hearing a country radio station … NashFM.  The new station at 94.7 promises its listeners that they are dedicated to bringing their audience the best, newest and most exciting country artists on the planet.  NashFM’s slogan is “Country For Life”.

The station’s owner, Cumulus Radio Group is the second-biggest radio broadcaster after Clear Channel Communications and is set to convert all of its country stations across the nation to the new NASH brand.  The rebranded 94.7 FM is expected to become a top-10 station in the city where Cumulus already own two other stations that air contemporary pop, news and talk programs.  Rather than focus on urban audiences in the Manhattan area, owners see the station’s potential in attracting listeners in the city’s outer boroughs and surrounding suburbs like Long Island and in New Jersey.

It would be so nice to have a new choice when I start my car in the morning.  My next car will certainly be equipped with a satellite radio so that I don’t have to listen to the same drivel every morning and afternoon just to hear the weather, news and traffic.

Would you listen to a new station if one became available?


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