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Now For Something Completely Different

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Now For Something Completely Different

As of three days ago, I have exactly one month until I’m unemployed.  As I've previously mentioned, I'm going to be unemployed next month, thanks to good ol' outsourcing.  While this does open up a few doors, I’m still scared.  I've only had two jobs in my entire life.  I started my first job during my last year in high school, stuck around for eight years, and then got my current job which I've held for nearly seven years.  I've gotta say, my attitude and work ethic have reduced dramatically.  After years of being used n’ abused, I’m tapped out.

A lot of co-workers have already been hired on at another call centre in the same area of town.  While I wasn't exactly doing a happy dance at the thought of putting in more time doing the same go-nowhere job in the exact same work environment, I figured it’s at least a hell I know.  So, I snagged myself a phone interview and went in for testing.  It didn't go well.  Most of it was very easy, but there was a math section which consisted of complex financial math problems.  I was fucked.  Math has never been my friend.  I asked about retesting somewhere down the line and I was informed I’d have to wait a year….A YEAR!  To retest for a minimum-wage call centre position!  No thanks.  I was a little disappointed in myself, but I wasn't too broken up about not getting the job.  It seems as if the fates are pushing me in an entirely different direction.

After a couple of conversations with my mother about the situation, she suggested that perhaps I ought to consider going back to school.  I've never considered it before because of the debt and the unlikelihood of actually finding a lucrative job in the field.  At this stage in my life, after living paycheck-to-paycheck (and sometimes worse) for all of my adult life, perhaps it’s time to admit that what I’m doing just isn't working.

So, my first stop was to check out the college’s website which led me to Second Career where I filled out their email form.  Literally, within two minutes I received a phone call.  I set up a meeting with the college director and took their testing.  I passed with flying colours.  Ironic, eh?  I took a tour of the school, was provided lots of reading material about the courses I’m interested in, and even met with the financial adviser.  I likely won’t be able to go to school while collecting Employment Insurance.  My options are either EI paying for my schooling, or getting a student loan, both while working part-time.  I was informed that I wouldn't be able to work full-time while keeping up with the course load.

My next stop was the local Employment Services organization to see about getting EI assistance with schooling.  That was unfortunately a temporary dead end because I’m still employed full-time until 2/22.  However, I did fill out all the necessary forms and I will return next month, if the need be.

I've been sick all week with the virus du jour, but next week I’m going to start cracking down on researching and getting the ball rolling.  School starts on 3/18, so I should hustle.

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Created: Jan 26 2013 at 02:07:42 AM
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