Making money using google adsense

Making money using google adsense

Making money using google adsense

Posted on Jan 31 2013 at 09:01:04 PM in Employment & Work

Making money using google adsense -  A lot of people today make money in Google AdSense. How exactly do they do this? They create a website and implement Google AdSense on it that means Google can display ads on their website. This way, the website owners earn money each time someone clicks on the ads. This is what Google AdSense is all about. Though this sounds an easy way to generate a steady stream of income, you do need to make an effort.

In order to make a considerable amount of money from Google AdSense, it is necessary to have a website first. Then you need to ensure that your site attracts a lot of visitors to increase the chances of clicks. There are various website promotion techniques, such as article marketing, blog writing, social bookmarking and others.

Apart from site promotion, your website design and content must catch the attention of visitors. The content should provide useful information on the niche and must be engaging. It is also necessary to ensure that your web pages are laid out in such a manner that the ads blend perfectly with them.

Google AdSense offers three ways to make money:

• AdSense for search - In this, a search box is placed on your site. Each time a user conducts a search by entering a search term, the search results page opens up where there are more pay-per-click ads.

• AdSense for content - You can find both image and text ads in different shapes and sizes to place in your content. Full ads are known as ad units and Google allows you to place three of them on each of your web pages. Strips of text links are called the link units and you are allowed to place one link unit on each web page. Of course, you must strictly adhere to the policies put forward by Google.

• Google referrals - Each time you recommend visitors to use a Google product such as AdWords, AdSense and other software, you make money. Here, you paste the code generated by Google on the desired location by choosing from different types of text links and buttons.

You will be paid by Google only if your earnings exceed $100. So earn money by creating a website and implementing Google AdSense. get instant access to
Making money using google adsense that actually work

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