Inclusion Body Myositis – A Problem of Muscles

Inclusion Body Myositis – A Problem of Muscles

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Inclusion Body Myositis – A Problem of Muscles

Posted on Dec 4 2012 at 11:57:58 AM in Health

Inclusion body myositis which is in short referred to as IBM is one of the diseases which involve a group of muscles.  This is also known as inflammatory myopathies, and is generally typified by persistent, progressive inflammation in the muscles which are accompanied by weakness in the muscles. The inception of this type of weakness in the muscles in Inclusion body myositis is usually gradual (mostly over months or even years) and does affect both proximal (which means close to the body’s trunk) and distal (which denotes further away from the body’s trunk) muscles. 


Muscle weakness may sometimes affect just one part of the whole body.  Falling down and stumbling are typically the first evident symptoms of Inclusion body myositis.  In some of the individuals, the disorder is fount to initiate with weaknesses found in the fingers and wrists that cause trouble with gripping, pinching, and buttoning objects. There may also be atrophy (referring to thinning or even loss of muscle mass) of forearm muscles and also of the muscles in the quadriceps in the legs. 


Difficulty in swallowing is found in something like half of the Inclusion body myositis cases.  Difficulty in swallowing is also observed in patients suffering from this syndrome. This is found to occur more frequently in men than it is found in women. The symptoms start showing up in people after the age of 50; however, the disease may occur earlier than that.


As for diagnostic tests for Inclusion body myositis, any doctor asks for a detailed medical history and the patient will thereafter be required to undergo a thorough physical examination. Blood tests are also specified which can possibly help in proper diagnosis of the disease. One of the most vital diagnostic tests for Inclusion body myositis is biopsy. For biopsy, firstly local anesthesia is applied to get a selected part of the numb. A little portion of muscle is removed mostly from the shoulder muscles or thigh muscles to test for muscle biopsy. This is the most effective way of analyzing if the disease has taken over the patient.


Corticosteroids or more commonly immunosuppressant, and anti – inflammatory drugs are common recommendations for treating Inclusion body myositis. Regularizing exercises and activities, including enough nutrition in the food intake per day, having adequate amount of rest, lessening the amount of stress from daily life and like changes in lifestyle management can also be an approach to treat Inclusion body myositis.


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