How to Grow Tomatoes Indoors and Outdoors

How to Grow Tomatoes Indoors and Outdoors

How to Grow Tomatoes Indoors and Outdoors

Posted on Dec 29 2012 at 06:47:25 PM in How-To

Are you interested in growing tomatoes? The best way to grow tomatoes is to start indoors and then take them outdoors. Learn how to grow tomatoes here

You will need a tray or several small plant pots, some compost designed for growing tomato's and several larger pots for when your tomato plants are bigger. I always start my tomato's off indoors as they love warmth and sunlight they usually do well in a window sill.

Take a pot or tray and fill with compost then place the seeds on top of the compost and put a fine layer of compost on top of the seeds and firm it down and water well then place in a window sill, i usually do this about April time although it can be done earlier when planted inside and slightly later than this both inside and in a green house.

Always make sure that your plant pots or trays are well labeled so you know what you have planted. Once the plants are big enough to separate they can then be placed in larger pots containing again a decent tomato compost, once they are at least 5 inches in height a decent liquid tomato food can be given when watering once a week. when the plants are well established the plants may be moved in their pots outdoors during sunny warm days but brought in at night when it gets cooler.

If the weather is warm enough day and night they can be left outside on a permanent basis.

Once your plants have reached a considerable height use canes to support their growth. Always make sure your tomato plants are well watered and especially when juicy tomato's.

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