How to Become a SEO Specialist?

How to Become a SEO Specialist?

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How to Become a SEO Specialist?

Posted on Jun 2 2011 at 07:27:24 AM in SEO

There is a rapid growth in the Online Business as well its promotion and this growth also increased the demand of SEO specialists. Before telling you about the job of SEO specialist, let me first explain you what is SEO? Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the "natural" or un-paid ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results.

The job of Search Engine Optimization Specialist is to modify the website as a result it gets a higher rank in search engines. The high rank website will attract more traffic and the popularity of a website will also be increased. The job of SEO specialist is quite tough and one must have acumen to flourish in this particular line of work. You need a specific kind of training for a particular period of time to become an expert. If you want to establish yourself in this field then you must have high quality writing skills with the basic knowledge of computer languages and marketing.

There are few important steps if you want to become a Search Engine Optimization specialist:

  • You should be aware of basic knowledge of SEO, which is an easy task. Remember there is not any hard and fast rule to bring any website in top ranking of search engines, if we take an example of Google, no one knows about the criteria of Google. So you need to learn from different websites and keep yourself up to date.
  • In the second step you need to build a website which has SEO theme, this will give a base to your profession. People can have a look on your overall experience in SEO field. The best thing is to start from ground zero. One can proceed from content writing and website designing to PPC and then finally search engine optimization.
  • Once your website has been created, you need to get it ranked by search engines. This process needs some research to find out some related keywords after creating the website. According to some experts, it is better to start simple by first trying to implement the website locally. This may not attract a lot of traffic but a considerable amount is guaranteed. This will also serve as a proof for your talent in this field.
  • Now you have to create your portfolio which must have some good references. It is not necessary (nor it’s possible) to attract a big clients in start, you should go for relatively smaller clients and their reference will act as credentials to your portfolio.
  • After this begins the job of finding a good client. If the website is not drawing in a lot of users one may use the PPC method to get new leads.
  • Now your work is completed and you just have to follow up with the clients and ensure a complete and satisfying experience. If one performs well enough, offers will pour in and one will become a SEO specialist in no time.


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