How Effectively to Clean Windows with Vinegar

How Effectively to Clean Windows with Vinegar

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How Effectively to Clean Windows with Vinegar

How Effectively to Clean  Windows with Vinegar

Yesterday, we have received a letter from B. Hurst: “I can’t seem to clean windows with vinegar-based solution without leaving some streaks. Any help?” It is true that windows cleaning is one of the most difficult tasks to deal with, at home. But it is also true that this was the task that made a lot of people to use natural house-hold ingredient, instead of commercial chemical-based solutions.

There are a lot of suggestions, tips and recipes written in books, newspapers or online, or recommended by tenancy cleaning companies. However, in most of them you need to use vinegar and water, these are the two basic products, that are used as all-purpose cleaning solutions. Some people complain that when cleaning glass surfaces, vinegar leaves streaks.

The problem is not in the natural toxic-free recipe, the problem is that the almost chemical solutions that you used to clean with, leave wax residue. The vinegar is not enough strong to remove it and that is why you notice streaks. The answer is easy, all you need to do is to add some dish washing detergent to the vinegar and water. You will easily remove any traces of streaks and the windows will be perfectly clean.

I will share with you one of my favourite recipes, I read it in a magazine about natural tenancy cleaning and tips given by house cleaning Sydney professionals. Combine a quart cup of vinegar, two cups of water and few drops of liquid soap. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and shake thoroughly. Do not forget to label the bottle and also keep it away from small children, they are very curious as we all know.
I hope I was useful for those who did not know how to deal with toxic-free window cleaning. For more advices you can write me, any time you want.

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